How We Came Together

About Linda

LINDA, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters degree in Psychology, is focused on working with couples to help them understand one another and feel better in their relationship. She has written a book Safe. Happy. Loved. Simple Skills for Your Relationship and hosts Monday Nights with Linda, a free weekly discussion about relationships. She also maintains a private practice in Long Beach, California.

About Pastor Trevor

It all started when PASTOR TREVOR called Linda for a counseling appointment for him and his wife. The session was so helpful they started attending Monday Nights with Linda. They brought friends who all actively participated in the group. Then Pastor Trevor invited Linda to speak at his church, Rhema Word Bible Church, with great success. Soon, the two of them were sharing friendly banter and information on a regular basis.

About Pastor Cedric

Soon after, Trevor’s friend PASTOR CEDRIC, host of ARP’s radio ministry, heard Linda and Trevor and invited them to join him on his internet radio show about relationships. And that’s when it happened: Everything just seemed to fall into place. “It was as if we had been waiting for each other for a long time. The conversation was easy and just flowed… we knew what to say without a script. And that one hour just flew by…”

Want to Know Even More?

Hear Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick Help People with Relationships

Listen to the Show

“Something happens when we all share information from our very different and unique perspectives. We take one idea and create something else, something bigger. With Cedric, we came alive in a way we can’t explain, but all of us feel. Something wonderful and meaningful occurs that really helps people.”