Linda Nusbaum, Co-Host of Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick

Linda Nusbaum

I knew kindness was a way of life from a very young age. This was modeled by my mother who gives everyone her heart. As a child, I befriended those who were smaller, not as popular, or who needed a buddy. I have always been drawn to help others.

As a young woman, I studied journalism, believing that I could help a lot of people in this pursuit. And I did. For more than two decades, I was able to report on people in need, people who hurt others, or tried to help others. I shared all kinds of stories and I felt I was helping the world.

But after the sudden loss of my younger brother, I felt my world shift. I was no longer able to be concerned with other people’s worries or feelings; I was drowning in my own feelings. I was sad for the longest time. And when I finally began to heal, I started searching for more meaning in my life.

That led me to study psychology. I wanted to understand feelings and the way people think; to explore and discover why things happen the way they do. I finished my graduate degree and become a therapist to help others. I knew my journey might be beneficial to others because everyone struggles.

In my private practice, I grew increasingly interested in working with couples. When I saw people who loved each other stay angry and disconnected, I wanted to help them heal and get back into the love they both wanted.

And that is my goal today: To help people feel better in their relationships. As human beings, we love naturally. And I believe there are ways that love can continue and grow throughout our lives. That is my meaning and my mission.