Pastor Trevor Johnson, Co-Host of Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick

Trevor Johnson

My very first memory was as a child being surrounded by a close, loving family whose lives of service were in the church. Growing up in a home anchored by my grandfather, the pastor of our community church, I learned how to serve people about the same time I learned how to read.

I’ve always felt a deep, irresistible calling in my life from a Power much bigger than myself, my circle, and my environment. As a child, I listened to people in church as they gave testimonies of personal challenges, problems, and life tragedies and how they overcame through faith, love, and guidance from spiritual leaders such as my grandfather. I was deeply and profoundly moved and motivated. I felt that God wanted to use me in this way and was allowing me to see the model of who I was to become.

During my high school years, I answered the call to ministry, a life of service to all of those in need. I became extremely active, serving in several capacities of youth and young adult leadership, all the while being trained theologically in how to minister to a diverse group of people. Always fascinated by human thinking and behavior, I also began reading everything I could about psychology as I wanted to widen my understanding.

Drawing from my personal challenges and experiences of being twice divorced and now again married, I began—and continue—to study, learn, and understand the dynamics, psychology, and theology of what it takes to have and maintain a fulfilling, healthy relationship.

I currently serve as Senior Pastor of Rhema Word Bible Church in Long Beach, where I am privileged to share my experience and wisdom to help people enrich and fulfill their relationships and every aspect of their lives. I am driven with great passion to help others as it is my life’s calling.