Press Release: Announcing Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick

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Relationship experts “Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick” launch weekly radio show offering loving advice for couples.

(LONG BEACH, CA)—Everyone wants to be loved. So why is it so hard to find and maintain a loving relationship? “Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick” will tackle that question on Friday, April 1,at 11:00 A.M. PT, when they launch their weekly internet radio program. The relationship experts have given advice on the radio before and the response was so overwhelming that they have decided to make it a regular thing. Listeners will find the program, “Relationship Builders” at

Smart Chick Linda Nusbaum is a licensed marriage and family therapist and the Two Wise Men are both pastors in Southern California who help their congregations build loving relationships.

Linda says, “The three of us love helping people and this show gives us the opportunity to help people in the most important area of their lives, in the relationship with the person they love. What could be more meaningful than feeling closer to your partner? We can help you get there.”

Cedric adds, “We hope people will take one hour out of their busy lives each week to tune in, taking a first step toward making their relationships stronger.”

Trevor says,”The weekly program will offer practical advice, presented in a loving manner with a touch of fun.”

Here’s a look at what you can expect from the “Two Wise Men and a Smart Chick” on “Relationship Builders”

About Linda Nusbaum-the Smart Click: Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a practice in Long Beach, CA. Linda is a former CNN reporter who also worked at KTTV in Los Angeles. Her goal is to help people feel better in their relationships. Linda says, as human beings, we love naturally. She believes there are ways that love can continue and grow throughout our lives.

About Cedric Nelms-One of the Two Wise Men: Pastor of Chosen Generation Fellowship Church, a grass-roots, upstart church in South Los Angeles. His goal is to serve and strive to meet the needs of the people in the community; to live in his purpose and continue to affect change wherever he goes; and to be a friend to everyone that he meets on this journey.

About Trevor Johnson-One of the Two Wise Men: Senior Pastor of Rhema Word Bible Church in Long Beach, where he is privileged to share his experience and wisdom to help people enrich and fulfill their relationships and every aspect of their lives. Trevor is driven with great passion to help others as it is his life’s calling.

For more info:

Media inquiries:

Phone: 323-656-1536

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